Analysis of CYC1, TPK2 and novel like molecule CYC2 of Toxoplasma gondii

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Perpustakaan Balai Besar Veteriner Maros
Toxoplasma gondi is causative agent of Toxoplasmosis which one of important pathogens of human and animals. In this study, we succesfully cloned a novel containing one cyclin box motif, which has homology with cyclin Y (CCNY) in human, we described this new gene as CYC2. The results of this study describe the identification of the T.gondii CDK family, CYC1 and TPK2, and new gene CYC2. We produced antibody against CYC1 and CYC2, and we observed that their located in different compartments. By using anti-CYC1 antibody, protein was located at the dense granule. By using anti-TPK2 antibody, the signal still could not be detected in the parasites. Because these particular differences in the immunostaining patterns, their targets might be different. We will examine the function of them, which might be involved in the cell cycle of T.gondii.
Toxoplasma gondii, CYC1, TPK2, CYC2, IFAT, Research Subject Categories::L Animal production/Produksi Hewan::L73 Animal diseases/Penyakit Hewan