An Overview Soybean Production in Indonesia

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Central Research Institute for Food Crops
Soybean is an old crops had been cultivated in Indonesia since 1700's. Tradi tionally, the produce was used for daily household consumption, in forms of cooked fresh poods, fried dry grains, fermented dried grains, or extracted for soy-sauce. The demands for the soybean products had increased steadily, that importation of soybean had started since 1930's. The last decade import averaged 700.000 to 1.000.000 t yearly. The production shortage was mainly due to insufficient crop harvested area, low productivity per ha, and low grain quality due to insect-damages, diseases infestation, and inappropriate post harvest handling. To meet the production demands, which amounts to 2.5 to 3.0 million t annually harvested area wilt have to be tripled from the present crop area, achieving 3.0 million ha. The most readily available lands are acid soil drylands and lowlands proceeding rice during dry season.
Soybean, Production, Indonesia