The use of specifically adapted genetic resources for regional economic development

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Genetic resources are essential sources for further varietal improvement as well as directly used of their products due to their prime quality product in a particular region but not in other regions. Genetic resources grown for some time in a region probably have been improved their adaptability to the environment. The resourses could be used to develop new varieties adapted to a specific location. If every region has that kind of variety, it will, in turn, improve national productivity of that commodity. Besides, genetic resources having specific adaptability to a specific location and producing a prime quality needed by the consumer may also be useful to boost the economy of that particular region. This kind of products is generally known as the Geographical Indication (GI) products. A GI must identify a product as originating in a given place. Examples of products protected with GI that improve the local economy are: (1) GI Kintamani arabica coffee which before the protection involving 40 groups of farmers (1,750 workers), the price of coffee IDR 25,000.00/kg. After the protection, the farmers’ groups become 60 involving 2,640 workers and the price increase to IDR 75,000.00/kg, (2) Muntok white pepper, the price after protection is IDR 170,000.00/kg, whereas the price before protection was IDR 40,000.00/kg. The use of genetic resources in varieties improvement required a tremendous amount of effort and funds, while GI required effort in maintaining quality of products and funds for the promotion of product.
genetic resources, plant breeding, geographical indications.