Investigasi Kasus Abortus pada Kambing di Desa Bori Kamase, Kecamatan Maros Baru, Kabupaten Maros, Provinsi Sulawesi Selatan

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Abstract Toxoplasmosis is a zoonotic disease caused by T. gondii which can cause abortion in goats and sheep. The abortion at the case location, Bori Kamase Village, Maros Baru Subdistrict occurred at the end of 2019 about a few months after Farmers bought goats from another region. The incidence of abortion continued in several pregnant sires with an almost equal number of sires who did not experience abortion. One month after the first incident, there were not as many abortions as the first incident, but some sires were stillborn and a few days after that the sires died. Some of the sires also found children who died after a few days of birth. The number of neonatal who can survive after birth is only 1-2 out of 4-5 tails born. Before dies it looks very weak. BBV Maros investigate the location of the case with Puskewan veterinarians. The samples taken were serum of sire that belonging to Mr. Rusman and Mr. Idris by result 5 seropositive amounts of T. Gondii antibody from 11 goat. Control and preventive measures that need to be taken are detection of animal therapy, isolation of suspected animals and prior to integration with healthy animals, import requirements are tightened. Information, education, and communication (IEC) by the government about the management of livestock imports and the importance of community reporting to officers if there are cases of disease.
tulisan ini memaparkan hasil investigasi kasus abortus pada kambing dan domba di kabupaten maros pada tahun 2019
Zoonosis, Investigasi kasus, Toksoplasmosis, Abortus kambing, Research Subject Categories::L Animal production/Produksi Hewan::L73 Animal diseases/Penyakit Hewan