Pengaruh Pemupukan dan Inokulasi Mikoriza Terhadap Tumbuhan dan Produksi Jahe Besar (Zingiber officinale L)

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Pusat Penelitian dan Pengembangan Perkebunan
Fertilization followed b mcorrhizae Inoculation night support the uptake of Macro elements for increasing growth and Yield of young ginger. The research was Carried out in the laboratory and green house Of cimanggu Research Instalation, RISMC, From July to March 1998. A factorial Randomized block design with 2 factors and 3 Replication was used in this reaserch. Fertilizer as the first factor consisted of 4 Treatsment: 0,5 kg mature (AI, 1 Kg manure (A2), 0.5 kg manure + NPK (A3), 1 kg manure + NPK (A4) per plant; and the second factor Was mycorrhizae inoculation consisted of 0 g (M0), 250 spores (M1), 500 spores (M2) of Mycorrhizae (the mixture of Glomus sp., Glomus etunicatum, Gigaspore margarita and Acaulospora sp.) per plant. Cow dung, 10 g Urea 7.5 g TSP and 7.5 g KCL were used as The sources of manure and NPK. Result Showed that the growth of young ginger was Not affected by the treatments. Ferteizer Signficantly affected the shoot and root fresh Weight, and the shoot dry weight of young Ginger. Mycorrhizae inoculation increased The yeild of young ginger, N and P biomass Content, and the uptake of N, P and K of Young ginger.