Performances of Soybean Breeding Lines in Dryland Acid Soils

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Central Research Institute for Food Crops
In 1995, a field trial was conducted in North Lampung to evaluate soybean germ pi asm in an effort to develop soybean cultivars suitable for acid soils in Sumatera. Thirty soybean genotypes were selected from 350 germ pi asm accessions based on their agronomic performances. These genotypes were then reevaluated, and four genotypes were selected. Twelve single-cross combinations were made, and pedigree as well as bulk methods were used for inbreeding from F2 to Fs generations. A number of 80 Fg breeding lines were evaluated and selected for tolerance to acid soils in North Lampung. Selected 10 F7 lines along with check cultivars Wilis, Slamet, and Sindoro were reevaluated in Lampung and North Sumatera provinces. A breeding line K3911-66 was identified as the best line with good adaptability to both trial sites. Lines D3578-4 and D3623-22 well adapted to North Sumatera and Lampung conditions. Those breeding lines were considered as promising lines that need to be evaluated further In other locations and seasons.
Soybean breeding lines, tolerance to acid soils, Lampung and Nort Sumatera