Current Progress of Research on Soybean Diseases in Indonesia

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Central Research Institute for Food Crops
Recent field surveys indicated that the major soybean disease in Indonesia are soybean stunt, peanut stripe, cowpea mild mottle, bacterial blight, bacterial pustule, rust, and anthracnose. In 1990-1999, research on soybean diseases have been done on the following aspects: (a) field surveys, (b) etiology of the diseases, (c) ecobiology of the pathogens such as strain identification, (d) development of techniques for detection of the pathogens from seeds and other plant parts, and (e) control of the diseases through development and screening of soybean genotypes resistant to the pathogens and biological control such as using antagonistic microbes. This paper is an overview of research progress on soybean diseases in Indonesia that have been done in the past ten years.
Current research, soybean diseases, Indonesia