Micropropagation of F, Hybrids Soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merrill] Tolerance to Aluminum

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Central Research Institute for Food Crops
A. reproducible method Tor multiplication of shoot from cotyledone node of soybean (Glycine mex) has been developed. Progeny from seed recovered from regenerated plants appear normal. The technique for micropropagation of F, hybrid soybean plants is described. By culturing cotyledone node obtained from 5 day old seedlings on modified B5 medium, average success multiply shoot were obtained. Best regeneration was from cotyledone node explants obtained on modified B5 medium with NAA and picloram. The optimal concentration of NAA for the induction of regeneration to be 0.1 mg/l. A few buds were induced in the 0.01 mg/l picloram treatment but at the higher levels the entire explant call used. When the explant was placed directly on 85 medium standard, the production of buds and small shoots was not inhibited. However, when the explants were placed directly onto B5 medium with BAP, resulting buds and shoots had a low rate of survival. No multiplication shoot occurred when coconut milk was added on B5 medium. The cotyledone nodes explant were continued to grow but the growth showed faster than on B5 medium standard. Plantlets were grown to maturity under greenhouse condition.
Soybean, hybridization, micropropagation, B5 medium, coconut milk