Identifikasi, Deskripsi, Karakterisasi Fisiologi dan Morfologi Ayam Lokal Khas Dayak Bagi Pengembangan dan Pelestarian Plasma Nutfah Ternak Nasional

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Qualitative data showed that Dayak local chickens have black and yellow beak. Red comb in a single form either male or female. White color is 100% in males and 98% in females, the color of the claw is predominantly black and yellow, only a small part that has green moss on the female. Based on the obtained quantitative average, the beak length 32.96 mm for male and 29.3 mm for female, male 16.5 mm width and female 16.3 mm, male 12.1 mm thick and female 13.1 mm, the length of the male head 44.6 mm and female 43.7 mm, 30.2 mm width of the head of the male and female 27 mm, the height of the male comb 59.1 mm and female 17.6 mm, 99.5 mm wide of male comb and females 29.7 mm, the thick of the male comb 16.6 mm and female 6.6 mm, male body weight 2074.46 g and female 1179.44 g, male body length of 45.1 cm and 37.86 cm in female, the male body circumference 35.79 cm and 30.72 cm in female, male long-backs 23.21 cm and female 19.47 cm, male wing length 29.44 cm and female 21.05 cm, male neck length 17.91 cm and female 15.21 cm, male pelvic width 1.82 cm and 2.95 cm in female, the length of the femur/thigh over male 12.55 cm and females 10.67 cm, length of tibia/lower thigh male 15.88 cm and female 12.85 cm, the length of male claw 18.08 cm and female 14.86 cm, circumference shank of male 4.63 cm and females 3.69 cm, male spurs length 37.8 mm, the circumference of the male spurs 16 mm. This local chicken conclude qualitatively that the color of Dayak local chickens is predominantly black and creamy white, black white and gray-black spots, while quantitatively Dayak local chickens are categorized as types of broiler chickens due to the weight of an adult male chicken up to 2 kg, but smaller than Nunukan chicken and larger than Katai chicken (dwarf).
Dayak local chicken, qualitative, quantitative, characterization, germplasm.