Coffea Canephora Pierre Susceptibility to The Coffee Berry Borer Hypothenemus Hampei Ferrari (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae)

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The Coffee Berry Borer is the most notorious pest in coffee plantation, due to the most causing loss in plantation and it spreads that now is almost no restriction. This research was aimed to find out susceptibility level of Robusta coffee to this pest which this information is useful for breeding purposes. The population was formed from crossing of the two groups of C. canephora, Congolese x Conilons, was used in this study, compared to population of intra group crossing Congolese x Congolese. After observing during four years in which the site is located at endemic area, separating level of susceptibility, which indicated by infestation rate in the berry, was well formed when the observation conducted at mid of harvest time rather than at fully immature green berry condition. Three susceptibility groups were formed with infestation rate in the less susceptible group was 19.4% in average. However, inheritance of susceptibility trait to CBB between the two populations studied was found not following the mendelian perspective.
C. canephora, susceptibility, Hypothenemus hampei, coffee berry borer.