Keragaan Hasil dan Komponen Hasil 88 Galur Padi Sawah Generasi Lanjut Berumur Sangat Genjah-Genjah Untuk Mendukung Ketahanan Pangan Nasional

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Breeding program for high yielded rice varieties with resistancy to biotic and abiotic stresses and very early-early maturing, becoming very important to support national food security due to global climate change. This study aimed to obtain rice lines that have high productivity with ultra early maturing, which can be used as advanced yield trial materials. Trial was carried out on dry season 2011, in ICRR field trial Sukamandi-Subang. Eighty eight early maturing rice lines with 12 check varieties (Ciherang, Conde, Mekongga, Cimelati, Cisantana, Cigeulis, INPARI 4, INPARI 6, INPARI 8, INPARI 10, INPARI 11 dan INPARI 13) was arrange by 10 x 10 triplle lattice design with 3 replications. Fortieth nine lines from 88 lines gave productivity equal to the best check variety (INPARI 3). Fortieth nine selected lines have productivity with range 3.49 t/ha-4.48 t/ha, while the productivity of varieties between INPARI 8 (2.69 t/ha)-INPARI 13 (4.09 t/ha). From the aspect of agronomic, 49 had 50% flowering age slower 2-10 days, equivalent for plant height and number of productive tillers, showing the number of filled grain per panicle varied (62-121 grain panicle-1), or the number fewer of empty grain, and 1.000 grain weight varied than the best check varieties (INPARI 13). Fortieth nine lines have the opportunity to be further evaluated in the preliminary yield trial in the coming season to gain yield stability.
Yield trial, lines rice, very early, early maturing, food security, maturity.