Identifikasi Gen Kegenjahan Padi Generasi F2 Hasil Persilangan Kultivar Ciapus X Kitaake Menggunakan Dua Marka SSR Serta Korelasinya Dengan Karakter Umur Keluar Malai

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Identification Of Early Maturing Gene in F2 Generation of Rice Derived from Cross between Cv. Ciapus x Kitaake by using Two Ssr Markers and its Correlation with Heading Date. Developing of early maturing rice is very important for increasing rice crop productivity in Indonesia. The use of molecular markers, such as SSR markers, in selecting desired genotype will be tremendously helpful. SSR markers are widely used since they are simple, economic, accurate, codominant and has high polymorphic level. The objective of current experiment was to obtain genotype with molecularly (SSR profile) as well as phenotypicaly characterized (early heading date). One hundred two plants of F2 generation of rice derived from cross between cv. Ciapus (high productivity) and Kitaake (earliest of heading date) were selected based on molecular and phenotypic markers of early flowering traits. Heading date was used as phenotypic marker, whereas molecular markers used were SSR markers of RM7601 (detecting Hd2) and RM19414 (detecting Hd3). PCR analysis was conducted at Lab of Plant Analysis and Biotechnology, meanwhile field experiment was performed at Ciparanje Experimental Station, Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Padjadjaran. Results indicated that thirty-seven plants were selected on the basis of the presence of SSR markers. Genotypes # 136 and # 300 were the promising ones based on both molecular and phenotypic markers. However correlation coefficient were 0.012 for RM7601 and -0.142 for RM19414, respectively, indicating a weak relationship between molecular markers with phenotypic markers. This could be due to a large effect of environmental factors on heading date. Two plants (# 136 and 300) are highly recommended for future research in the development of early maturing rice lines.
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