Synergistic Hydrolytic Activities on Palm Kernel Cake Using Cocktail Enzyme of Mannanase BS4 and Bromelain

The addition of the enzyme mannanase BS4 as a feed supplement improves the carbohydrate digestibility of palm kernel cake. There is a possibility that the addition of protease will increase protein digestion. Therefore, in this research the best composition of cocktail enzymes (mannanase BS4 and bromelain) to enhance the digestibility of carbohydrate and protein in PKC was determined. Mannanase BS4 enzyme was produced using solid substrate fermentation of Eupenicillium javanicum BS4 in coconut meal for seven days, then extracted with Na-acetate buffer 0.1 M pH 5.8, and precipitated with 75% (NH4)2SO4. Bromelain was extracted from flesh, peel, centre part of pineapple fruits with phosphate buffer 0.1 M pH 7 and precipitated with 75% (NH4)2SO4. Activities of mannanase BS4 and bromelain enzymes were measured on 0.5% gum locust bean and 1.5% casein as the substrates, respectively. Synergistic evaluation was measured with mixture of PKC as substrate and cocktail enzymes of mannanase BS4 and bromelain at volume composition: 100:0, 75:25, 50:50, 25:75, 0:100% at pH 5.8 and 40°C, as a requirement condition for enzyme activity. The highest protease activity was observed at bromelain extracted from pineapple flesh, followed by centre part and peel. Synergistic activity results showed that the best composition of mannanase BS4 was observed at 50:50% which means 1.38:0.96 U activities. This composition gave the highest synergistic activity to produce amino acid and close to reducing sugar yield with the one from 100% BS4.
Endo Β-Mannanase; Protease; Bromelain; Saccharification; Synergistic Activity; Palm Kernel Cake