Assessment of Integrated Farming System of Beef Cattle in South Sulawesi

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dc.creator Sariubang, Matheus
dc.creator Ella, Andi
dc.creator Nurhayu, A
dc.creator Pasambe, Daniel 2014-02-27 2018-06-04T07:49:42Z 2018-06-04T07:49:42Z
dc.identifier 10.14334/wartazoa.v12i1.774
dc.description Increase productivity of beef cattle can be done as integrated in the farming systems, where beef cattle has optimized the use of straw agricultural. Like rice straw, rice bran, stalk and corn bran, with legumes. In addition, beef cattle's feces could be used as compost to organic fertilizer for paddy and crops planted. The assessment was conducted in Takalar and Barru district with two farmer's group. In Takalar district of has implemented the collective stable, while that in Barru district was the individual stable. Result showed that aplication non limited rice straw + 3 kg refined rice bran + 10 g mineral (salt + manure SP 36) could increased body weight up to 0.41 kg/head/day in Barru district, and substitution in organic fertilizer (recommendation manure) with organic fertilizer on paddy has reached up to 6.50 ton/ha (1 ton organic manure + 127.8 kg urea + 100 kg ZA + 8.3 kg SP 36 + 41.7 KCl) and 6.37 ton/Ha (150 kg urea + 100 kg ZA + 50 kg SP 36 + 50 kg KCl).   Key words: Farming system, beef cattle, organic fertilizer en-US
dc.format application/pdf
dc.language eng
dc.publisher Indonesian Center for Animal Research and Development en-US
dc.source 2354-6832
dc.source 0216-6461
dc.source WARTAZOA. Indonesian Bulletin of Animal and Veterinary Sciences; Vol 12, No 1 (2002); 24-28 en-US
dc.title Assessment of Integrated Farming System of Beef Cattle in South Sulawesi en-US
dc.type info:eu-repo/semantics/article
dc.type info:eu-repo/semantics/publishedVersion
dc.type Peer-reviewed Article en-US

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